Giselle Villeta

Consultant, Digital & Insights

As a Digital & Insights consultant, Giselle is a key pillar of Tyto’s pan-European, fast-growing digital team. In this role, her key responsibilities include the Tyto 500 report, support on new business proposals, social and marketing for Tyto, advanced client reporting, and the design and delivery of digital campaigns.

Prior to joining Tyto, Giselle was a Senior Digital Content Manager at Hotwire Spain – where she ran digital marketing campaigns for several companies in the B2B tech and telecoms sectors, such as the Telefónica Group, Qualcomm, Oracle and BBVA Next Technologies. Additionally, she has been instrumental in building the online reputation of C-level executives from various companies. While mainly focused on the B2B sector, Giselle has experience working for consumer giants such as Klarna, Tinder and Amazon Kindle.

Based in Madrid but originally from the sunny Dominican Republic, Giselle is an experienced content creator in both English and Spanish. Her digital skills include strategic planning, website management, international influencer relations and use of social listening and analytics tools. Nevertheless, she firmly believes innovation and technology are two of the greatest tools available out there.

Having confidence in the power of knowledge and education, reading, writing and culture are some of Giselle’s greatest passions. In her spare time, Giselle is a music collector, she researches and has been published on various cultural platforms, and she also is the 2021 winner of the Youth Essay Award of the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic.

Giselle’s colleagues love her for her closeness, her organisational skills and analytic approach, her attention to detail and her commitment to delivering excellent work.

LinkedIn: Giselle Villeta