Yeiny Hernández

Art & Design Lead

As Art & Design Lead, Yeiny spearheads Tyto’s portfolio of design services. In this role, her key responsibilities include leading all design projects for our clients, creating marketing assets for the agency and supporting new business initiatives.

Prior to joining Tyto, Yeiny was the Head of Design & Art Director at Hotwire Spain – where she ran and led the design department, providing design support to the Digital, Corporate, B2C and B2B clients. In addition, she supported the agency’s marketing projects locally and globally. Some of the clients she represented include global brands and industry leaders such as Klarna, Tinder, Kindle, Telxius, Telefonica Global Solutions, Qualcomm, Oracle, and BBVA Next Technologies.

Born and raised in Venezuela, at 19 years old she moved to Madrid where she studied and has been working the past 8 years in the advertising and communication industry. Through her experience, she has been able to build a career that allowed her to discover some of her passions, such as teamwork, facing challenges and overcoming them, but most importantly, to organise, inform and visually communicate an idea in the most attractive and unique way in order to change a person, a space, or why not, the world.

Over the years, she has learned the skills and knowledge to succeed, save time and increase productivity, but without neglecting the desire to learn and to do more, for the purpose of creating ideas that can help her career and the business grow.

Her colleagues love her for her persistent analysis of good design, her quest to approach projects in the most creative way, her attention to detail and for always wanting everything to look perfect and well designed.

LinkedIn: Yeiny Hernández