Shamina Peerboccus

Associate Director

Shamina is Associate Director at Tyto. In her role she is responsible for the delivery and the execution of multiple communication campaigns across a range of channels.

She started her career in Paris where she joined a PR agency, initially working within the fast-paced press office for Nokia. She then led the campaign to launch Skype in France, helping them bring their strategy and vision to life translating a technical product into a lifestyle brand. It was this experience that consolidated her passion for innovation and upcoming technologies.

She then joined Hotwire and led the B2B practice, where she managed a suite of client accounts in the telecoms and IT sector, including Mitel, Ciena, Information Builders, Platform Computing (acquired by IBM) and many more.

She then moved back to her previous agency where, on top of designing and implementing creative PR campaigns, Shamina was also responsible for business development, including the establishment of an international partner network.

Following her move to London in 2011, she sought opportunities to broaden her experience and skillset. With this in mind, she founded a relocation agency for French expats in London, whilst continuing to develop content for diverse clients, on a freelance basis.

In every project, Shamina brings with her this wealth of experience, including her ability to combine practical skills with a strategic mind to create memorable results. She has a genuine enthusiasm and a natural curiosity for emerging industry trends.

Shamina’s colleagues like her positive mindset and willingness to make things happen.

LinkedIn: Shamina Peerboccus