Olivia Fordyce


Olivia is a Consultant at Tyto based in Leeds, UK. In this role, she supports the team’s UK media relations and project management across a range of pan-European accounts. 

In her previous role as an Assistant Account Executive at Inkhouse, Olivia worked with a range of tech sectors including healthcare, finance, project management, data management, data discovery and journalism. She helped to facilitate interviews, draft awards, conduct surveys and score hits with Forbes, Datanami and other similar publications. Because Olivia was based in the United States, she developed a solid foundation in understanding the US tech media landscape. 

Olivia holds a BA in English and BS in Public Relations from Boston University and an MA in Communications, Marketing and Public Relations from University of Leeds. Because her mom said she was « good at talking to people » and therefore should « try communications”, she took a PR in Practice module which allowed her and a small team to execute a Public Relations campaign for a local Boston company and fell in love with the field. 

After three months in the weeds of different tech accounts at Inkhouse, Olivia grew to appreciate and understand the language of PR tech and is especially interested in the portrayal of Artificial Intelligence in media. 

In her spare time, Olivia is a body combat instructor and can be caught playing open mics around Leeds on any given night.  

Her colleagues love her for her enthusiasm and creativity.

LinkedIn: Olivia Fordyce