Merwan Aichour-Gillot

Junior Consultant

Merwan Aichour-Gillot is a Junior Consultant at Tyto, based in Grenoble, France. He joined the team in 2023 and is in charge of media relations for the French market.

Merwan holds a double master’s degree in Political Communications. He started his career in professional football media relations. Prior to working for an agency, he acquired experience in media relations, content production and journalism. He also had the opportunity to work in different sectors.

Curious by nature, he is interested in a wide range of fields, such as politics, and human and social sciences. However, football remains his primary passion. You can find Merwan at a sports event or a university conference. Merwan values his versatile nature and greatly enjoys taking on new challenges which is why he chose to join the Tyto team as it provides an environment that perfectly matches his curiosity and ambition.

Merwan’s colleagues value him for his reactivity and his capacity to be proactive on a numerous range of thematics.

LinkedIn: Merwan Aichour-Gillot