François Toussaint


François Toussaint is a Tyto Tytician specialising in Web Design. He has been working on the creation of our website in all of its aspects.

François has worked in graphic design and audiovisual for almost 15 years. After working for Eyecone and the press platform of the EU Council, François is now working as a freelance specialised in Video FX and Web Design from Spain. Clients included VW, Scania, EU Council, EU Commission, EU Parliament, Microsoft and GlaxoSmithKline.

François is a creative freelance with a strong belief in dreamer brands that inspire powerful visions connecting with people’s authentic values. His focus is on brands that seek transformation, authenticity that require professional and social brand building. Passionate about creativity that pushes the boundaries of convention, he is a chameleon who’s equally comfortable working with creatives and senior clients, brand strategists and researchers – in multicultural environments.

François Toussaint - Tytician at Tyto