Florian Hohenauer

Senior Partner, Head of Strategy

Florian Hohenauer is part of the Tyto management team and one of our senior strategy consultants. His professional mission is to help innovation succeed. No new technology will prevail without the support of a diverse set of stakeholders and audiences. Communications can contribute a great deal to attaining their buy-in. Florian is working with Tyto clients on getting their communications strategy right.

Prior to joining Tyto in November 2020, Florian was in charge of running and growing the business for global tech agency Hotwire in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He had followed former Hotwire CEO and Tyto founder and managing partner Brendon Craigie’s call and opened the Munich office in 2011, grew it to 15 members of staff and took over the managing director role for all of Hotwire Germany in 2016.

Besides managing the business, Florian has always had a focus on counselling clients. He advised LinkedIn since 2012 and helped to grow the business network from three to 15 million members in the DACH region. Florian developed communication programmes for IT security specialist McAfee, energy expert Eaton, the healthtech startup Vivy and many others. His clients were often B2B tech companies, many of them based in Silicon Valley.

Florian loves to scout for revolutionary technologies and understand where tech is taking humanity. Current spaces he is keeping a close eye on are AI, quantum computing and biotechnology, especially in the health and food sectors. Florian feels very close to #FridaysForFuture and the environmental movement. He believes in values such as solidarity and equal rights and strongly supports a democratic, diverse, and strong European community.

Florian’s colleagues value him for the strategic models he keeps digging up in the most unusual of places, his attention to detail especially regarding formats (“Beauty is truth, truth beauty”) and his overall positive mindset.

LinkedIn: Florian Hohenauer
Twitter: @fhohenauer