Axel von Arnold

Senior Consultant

Axel von Arnold is a Senior Consultant at Tyto. Based in Stockholm, Axel’s role is to focus on maintaining and building relationships with key decision makers at technology companies, primarily in Sweden but also in Denmark. As our growth partner, Axel is tasked with introducing Tyto’s Pan-European capabilities to the Nordic tech companies who are looking to expand their communication into Europe and beyond.

Axel is a keen networker and has a knack for creative collaborations. He has worked with a number of fast-growing Nordic agencies, and has represented leading brands such as Disney, Meltwater and Signify. Currently, he is also on the board of Sweden’s industry association for PR, Swedish PR.

During his time in the PR field, Axel has worked towards functioning within an international environment, finding opportunities across borders.

Besides his work within the industry, Axel has a strong interest in societal issues and is a political enthusiast, keeping up with the latest events and happenings, primarily in Sweden and the US. In his free time Axel enjoys reading a lot and co-writing articles. Increasingly, he has become an avid fan of beautiful Italian road-bikes and can be spotted swishing along the coastal roads of southern Sweden.

Axel’s colleagues describe him as very inquisitive and curious, always eager to learn more.

LinkedIn: Axel von Arnold