Tyto Without Borders PR Podcast

Presenting ‘Without Borders’ – a new podcast from the Tyto team

It should be no secret that here at Tyto we’re passionate about the power of brilliant content and believe strongly in the medium of podcasts as a way to engage audiences and deliver strong stories, inspiring information and create emotional connections.

Which is why I’m proud to present a new podcast, Without Borders, produced and created by the Tyto team. Without Borders is a dose of fortnightly inspiration for passionate communicators, courageous creatives and entrepreneurial business brains. Expect candid chats with the wisest old hands, bleeding edge innovators and left field thinkers and doers.

As an agency we’re custom built around our PR Without Borders philosophy, from our location agnostic structure to the way we approach creativity and innovation, both internally and as a perfect partner for our clients. We’re inspired and empowered by people and brands who aren’t afraid to make left-field thinking the norm, especially when it comes to innovating and reinventing modern communications. We’ve created the podcast to encapsulate this philosophy, but far beyond PR.

As we begin to release our first series (you’ll find the first episode here), we hope listeners will note the unexpected mix of guests, from age and experience to discipline, viewpoints and backgrounds. We’ve spoken to everyone from agency trail-blazers and award-winning journalists to brand storytelling visionaries and even the director and cast members of a sell-out Edinburgh Fringe improv show.

My co-host, Zoe Clark (Partner and Head of Tyto’s Fintech practice), and I are excited to present you with an ongoing selection of brilliant and interesting people. The kind of guests who can and will change the way listeners think about communicating ideas, building purposeful and successful businesses, creativity, innovation, and overcoming obstacles to success.

Tyto isn’t inhibited by rules, or how things have always been done: from the very ground-up, through each strand of DNA, we’re about tearing up the rule book; doing things differently, learning and improving. Therefore, it’s been enormously exciting to me to have the privilege to sit down and talk about these ideas with likeminded individuals on Without Borders. I hope you enjoy the episodes as much as we did in creating them.