Manisha Kataria

Junior Consultant

Manisha is a Junior Consultant at Tyto, based in London. She has always held an interest in the media and communications industry because of its ability to shape our values and culture. She appreciates the creative nature of her role and the scope to forge meaningful partnerships.

Before joining Tyto, Manisha’s journey began at the University of Roehampton where she graduated with First-Class Honours in Media, Culture and Identity in 2020. She then embarked on a Master’s degree in Media, Culture and Communication at the University of Roehampton in 2021 where she was also awarded a First-Class Honours.

Throughout her time at the University of Roehampton, Manisha gained exciting work experience opportunities in communication roles. In 2019 she gained valuable experience in the British Airways Press Office as an intern, where she planned and attended various press events. 2021 found her spending 3 months as an intern with Lloyds Banking Group within Corporate Communications where she contributed to both internal and external communication plans. Towards the end of her university studies, she was introduced to Tyto through the Taylor Bennett Foundation and was immediately drawn to its innovative company culture, as well as the chance to establish a career in the creative field of technology communications.

In her spare time Manisha enjoys being artistic and creating picture collages from magazines but she also adores being outdoors and can be found going on long walks and hikes on the weekends.

Manisha’s colleagues love her for the positive energy she contributes to the team as well as her enthusiastic attitude towards the work she produces.

LinkedIn: Manisha Kataria