The Tyto team’s favourite podcasts, volume 2

The Tyto team’s favourite podcasts, volume 2

It’s no secret that the team at Tyto do enjoy a podcast, whether it be about tech news, politics, or – my personal favourite – Roman history. We believe podcasts are a great way to learn about interesting topics or hear from fascinating people you would otherwise never hear from.

Our enthusiasm for podcasts is clearly displayed by the fact we even have our very own. On the ‘Without Borders’ podcast, you can expect candid conversations with some of tech most innovative thinkers and experienced doers.

Last year, we published a blog where members of our team outlined which podcasts are their favourites and why. A great read for anyone looking for some tech and comedy podcast recommendations.

Now it is 2020, podcasts are only getting bigger and more popular. With the abundance of lockdowns around the world, many people are changing how they spend their time at home, with on demand entertainment such as podcasts seeing a surge in popularity.

Spotify, for example, now hosts over one million different podcasts on its platform, a jump from 700,000 on its platform in March 2020. The company stated that podcast consumption on the platform saw growth in triple digits, which is also partially due to its investments in creator tools and media studios.

For this reason, we believed it would be appropriate to again ask three more of our team members what they like to listen to, and this is what they said:

Affaires Sensibles Podcast


My all-time favourite is Affaires Sensibles, a podcast produced by French radio station, France Inter. Each episode focuses on one key political, economic, social or cultural event which has impacted the last 50 years.

The first half is an introduction to the event, intertwined with extracts from films, reports, interviews or music related to the subject. The second half is an interview with a guest – usually an expert on the topic – who provides additional insights.

Each time I listen to an episode, I have learnt something or gained a different outlook on a particular event! I also enjoy listening to Simone et les Philosophes, which provides a great introduction to philosophy and is a great way to learn how to think differently.


My favourite German podcast is Hotel Matze. The host, Matze Hielscher, regularly interviews people from the general public in Germany. The guest could be an entrepreneur, an actor or a politician.

The podcast is special because the host is incredibly good in building a connection with his guests. He only needs a few minutes until they talk about deep topics, which are usually very personal. Every episode is worth listening to because he creates such interesting conversations.

Another favourite podcast of mine is On the Way to New Work, which of course is about new methods and tools for the modern work life. If I am looking for entertainment, I listen to Alle Wege führen nach Ruhm from the television presenter Joko Winterscheidt and photographer Paul Ripke, which I find to be very entertaining.


I enjoy Women Tech Charge and How to Own The Room, but I think my favourite is How to Fail by journalist Elizabeth Day.

Interviewing different people such as actors, writers, or business leaders, she digs into people’s failures and try to understand their journey. With a very caring approach and kind tone, she talks about how to leverage issues or challenges and turn them into learnings and ultimately successes.

I’ve got to learn about many stories from people I’d not come across before. It’s empowering and motivational to hear even those who society deems successful experience challenges. Each episode lights up my week.


A great selection there for any keen podcast listeners, even for those who might enjoy a podcast in French or German.

For our clients, we also have our own podcast production services available, whether it be creating a new podcast or providing exposure to an existing one.

With the accessibility and popularity of podcasts continuing to surge, they are becoming an increasingly effective way of communicating and sharing views on any topic – and more often than ever, creating brand loyalty. If you want to integrate podcasting into your communications, then please say hello.