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What does the lack of media in the Tyto Fintech Power 10 mean for Fintech PR?

In looking at the fintech subset of our Tyto Tech 500 Power List, what struck me was the number of business leaders who made the fintech list and the relative lack of journalists. Such a deficiency, in fact, that not one journalist made it into the top 50 fintech influencers.

What does the lack of journalists in our list of the most influential people in fintech mean for fintech PR?

It doesn’t mean that journalists in this sector aren’t important

Sector-specific media are, as their title suggests, focused on one specific industry. That means their audience, whether via an online platform, print magazine or its social channels, is very specific. Hit the right title, and you know you’ll be reaching the right audience.

Trade media provide a brilliant platform for organisations with a niche technology and a strong opinion on a specific issue to get their voice heard. Given the specific nature of the subjects they cover, it is often through these publications and online platforms that trends emerge and where companies start making a name for themselves versus their competition.

The trick is knowing which ones are most relevant and influential than others, as new ones often spring up.

It does mean that the world of fintech PR is getting harder to navigate

No longer is it clear-cut and obvious which people you as a client should be speaking to. Your targets might be journalists; they might be business leaders; they might be members of trade associations.

In that sense, fintech PR is going back to its roots. Not in a ‘dark art’ kind of way, but in the sense that you need to know the people who have the power to persuade your audience, and those people can no longer be put into clear-cut buckets of ‘journalists’, ‘social influencers’ etc.

They are all just ‘people’, and you need to know the right ones.

Given the above, specificity and relevance are paramount

If you’re in fintech, being known by those who are considered to be the most influential in that sector is essential, but it’s not the only thing that’s important. It doesn’t remove the need to be laser-focused on who the most relevant people are specifically within your niche sub-sector.

In other words, it’s all very well knowing who is ‘the most influential’ but what’s more important is to know who are the most influential to you.

If you operate in the field of cryptocurrencies, for example, it might be useful for you to know who the top ten fintech influencers are overall.  But just as important (and possibly more so) is having a bespoke list created only for you, based on your specific niche sector, your business goals, and the audience you are trying to reach.

Ignoring this aspect in favour of chasing ‘the top ten’ is something you do at your peril.

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